Corpo Culture Killed My Dog #8

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“Don’t get caught with a copy of this shit in your back pocket—unless you were hoping to have a few less teeth (or a quick trip out an airlock).”

Corpo Culture Killed My Dog #8 is a lo-fi, mechanics-free, in-universe punk zine intended for use with the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG but usable with any blue collar sci-fi setting of your choice. Made entirely in scissors-and-glue collage and directly inspired by early 2000s Midwest punk zines, Corpo Culture is an in-world artifact for you to hand to your players, use for inspiration, set up for future adventures, and more.

  • Short fiction meets adventure hooks with working class struggles across the galaxy!
  • What the big corps and governments don’t want you to know about xenos!
  • Concert reviews from around the void!
  • Submission form for an independent database of corpo sleeper agents!

Created as part of Tuesday Knight Games’ Voices of the Void jam in August 2022.

Writing/Layout: Christian Sorrell