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You have Fallen

Fallen from Grace is a solo journaling RPG about morality, redemption, and failure. As an angel, cast out from Heaven, you find yourself with one shot to earn your place beyond the pearly gates, in the place you once called home. Along the way, temptation beckons you further down into the fiery pits of Hell.

To play, you will need one tarot deck and a method of journaling. Through journaling entries, prompted by 3- to 5-card tarot spreads, create your fallen angel, track your Grace, and let the cards determine your fate.  It should be noted that
 Fallen from Grace deals with themes of and relating to religious dogma; this game is not intended as a tool to measure real-life morality. 

This game Includes:
-A self-contained set of rules
-Prompts for each card in the deck
-Evocative & clarifying samples of play
-A separate printed score tracker with gorgeous original art

This game was brought to life in part due to the support of our Zine Club Members in June of 2024. For more of Bran's work visit his itch page.

Games will ship in late June/Early July after zine club members get their copies.