System Failure | Fall Zine Bundle

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Systems have limits, your table shouldn't.

This collection of system agnostic resources, adventures & settings is here to take your table to the next level no matter what your favorite TTRPG is. From creators across the globe and across the indie space drop these into your favorite campaign or one shot. 

Tales of a City By Bryon Casebolt
Cities and other urban spaces are great settings for play, but are a lot of work to make. Use “Tales of a City” to build a city for any setting from geography to landmarks and key NPCs together as a team and connect your characters to the community.

Into the Riverlands By Josh Hittie
A system neutral setting guide to the Riverlands. Explore the bustling and vibrant City of Bridges, the mysterious and primeval Forest, the distant and crumbling Empire, and even further afield. Featuring unique system neutral backgrounds, NPCs, locations, items, and more. 

Sunpriests & Moongods By Pearse Anderson
A system-neutral reference guide to 20 different minor religions to grow and change your fantasy setting! From the riverboat denim-clad castes of Raegiots to the vantablack, yonic flutists of the Chexiwiccans, each religion is varied, dense, and contained all onto one page.

Knowing Revenge of the Grasping Gods By Kyle Tam
Knowing Revenge of the Grasping Gods is a system-agnostic adventure. Your party has just stolen legendary power from the gods, who are beginning to rise from their eternal slumber. You are now running for your life, and your only way to evade them is to reach the Eternal Flame and burn away your mortality. Become a deity or die trying. Defy the gods. Become the gods.