What Is Plus One Exp

Plus One is a weird little brand that multiclasses in tabletop game design, beard & skincare alchemy, and being content champions in the indie tabletop roleplaying community.

Our hope is to help amazing designers find great players who love their games &To help amazing players find great designers whose games they can love.

We do this in a lot of different ways, but at the heart of it all, we strive to uplift and promote the amazing things happening in our communites.

Design Philosophy: Just play

At Plus One we focus on games designed for play. We love games that are art. We love games that are elegant. We love games that make you think.

Above all of these things, we hold play and the state of play in the highest regard.

Because of this we place a high value on designing games that are easy to learn, and that stretch the play culture and skill set of your table. We explore egalitarian tools and systems that require collaboration between all players and deconstruct power dynamics.
Everyone comes to the table to play.

Beard & Skincare Alchemy?

Our background is in handmade all natural beard & skincare products. The proceeds from these products help underwrite the work we do to support independent TTRPG and storygame creators.

It's something we love and that lives in our brand even if it seems a bit odd.

We love partnering with other designers and creators to make custom projects. So if you have a release, crowdfunding project, or just want to talk about a collaboration with your brand and ours please reach out. Otherwise, you can check out the products and lowkey LARP through everyday life.

What Is A Content Champion?

Plus One grew its reputation through streaming focused on high quality actual play content & short videos that break down how to play indie games in about 5 minutes.

We used to call this Bardic content, but now we have a whole party of content creators including a Necromancer & High Level Monk that started a Cult, and Lonesomm Solo game reviewer.

This party of content creators is dedicated to working with indie designers and artist to promote their work. You can find all of those videos and more on our Twitch & Youtube channels.

A Path To Sustainable Design

Being a game designer is hard. At Plus One our commitment is to creating educational & material pathways toward more human creative practices for a global community.

This includes in-house publications, print partnerships, a mutual aid fund & our fulfillment and marketing support.

We love working with 1st time designers, small studios, and other creators to get their games into print without stretching themselves mentally or financially. We can help with almost any part of the process from development to delivery, or point you to a partner who does.

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