Take +1 Forward

Play Your Role, Support TTRPG Culture

In some tabletop RPGs when you make certain choices your get a bonus on your roles. This is commonly referred to as taking +1 Forward, as long as you are doing what's best for the party or story you get that bonus to your actions. 

As a company that multiclasses in alchemy, game design, and the bardic college of content creation we strongly believe that everyone should being doing everything we can to take +1 Forward.

So how do we do it

For us, supporting our party is all about reinvesting in independent game design and tabletop culture. Every month we invest in most (currently all) of our proceeds back into the tabletop community. We support creators on Patreon, back Kickstarters, and create content to help small, diverse, or first time creators get their creations in print. 

If you have a game, content channel, or tabletop related content that we can support, let us know by dropping us an email at Tony@PlusOneExp.com.

When you buy anything from Plus One Exp, you help us take +1 Forward.

Currently we support the following folks every month.
Hannah Shaffer
World Champ Game Co
Highland Paranormal Society
Love Thy Nerd

Thanks for helping us take +1 Forward.