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Zine Club is a new subscription membership by Plus One Exp and a global community of indie RPG designers. As a club member you get:

  • Fresh New Zines Each Month (in 3 great flavors).
  • An Online Community of Conversation & Play.
  • The Lowest Price On Each Zine.
  • The Best of New & Known Creators.
  • Transparent Control Over Your Membership.
  • To Help Transform How Indie RPGs Get Made.

Tell Me About The Zines

Each zine we release is a title that has never been in print before.

We look for titles and creators that contribute a distinct perspective.
We want prose that evokes an idea, art that captivates our imagination, and mechanics that support them both.  

We curate the content 6 months in advance so you always know what titles are coming, and so our layout and art teams work with creators partner with creators to transition their projects seamlessly to print.

But we know that not everyone wants every game so we have made 3 flavors of membership.

There Are three membership "FlAvors"

What is a Story Game?

These games focus on narrative and story. Bespoke games for telling the stories you love or popular systems like PBTA, Carved from Brindlewood & Belonging Outside Belonging.

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What is An Adventure Game?

Original games for going on exploring exciting fictional worlds or adventures for systems like Cairn, Down We Go, B/X D&D, Mork Borg, Mothership & Through The Void.

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What If I want All The Zines?

Maybe you just want it all! If you become an All the Zines member we send you both zines each month to read, play, share and enjoy. You also get the zines at the best Price.

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Past & Upcoming Releases

Great Games By Diverse Voices

Online Community & Content

We have special online discussion spaces for club members to hang out, dialogue about new releases, and connect for play. One of the best things about Zine Club is the ability to discuss new titles, interact with the creators, and talk about other zines and RPGs.

You can expect: 

  • Private Conversation Groups on Discord & Facebook.
  • Interview Streams & AMAs With Creators.
  • Short How-to-Play Videos for New Releases. 
  • Opportunities to Play, Connect & Discuss The Zines.

*Plus One takes pride in managing respectful and compassionate communities of diverse voices and perspectives.
Access to community spaces is not guaranteed. Please check the rules for behavior in each community space.

Support The Creative Community

Zine Club is designed to build better equity and sustainability for emerging & underrepresented voices in our community. While our primary focus is on the quality of each release, we prioritize the inclusion of diverse voices from across all design spaces.

We want you to discover your newest favorite creator and give existing creators space to try something new.

By becoming a Zine Club member you help support these emerging & expanding creators every month.

Together this lets us create impactful, and sometimes life-changing, support for those creators. 

Transparent Membership Control

What if you don’t want a title? What if you need to pause a month? What if you want to add something extra?

No problem.

Through your private subscription portal, you have total control over your membership. Through this portal, you can:

  • Adjust Frequency From Monthly, Every Other Month & Beyond.
  • Pause For a Month (Or More). 
  • Add or Remove Items for that Month’s Delivery.
  • Add, Cancel, or Change Membership Details. 

You can always reach out for help, but we want you to have direct access to your account.

What About The Pizza?

So you want that free pizza? We know you do.

As a member of Zine Club, you can purchase our exclusive Zine Club RPG Passport.

The Passport is a tasteful place to document & reflect on the games you read & play from Zine Club and beyond. If you fill out a Passport you can bring it to any in-person convention or event our team is at.

We will confirm and stamp the back of the Passport and give you free admittance to the Plus One Pizza Party we are hosting at that event (or buy you a slice at lunch).

Or you can email us a picture to get a Free Copy of Terrific Tony's Pizza Patrol.

IN THE FUTURE! We will be rolling out a more robust loyalty program, but pizza will always be an options


Got More Questions?

We work about 6 months out on our release schedule. You will always know what Zines you are getting the month you sign up and the next month. You will be able to find them here on the site, in the discussion groups, and get informed via email.

Your order will be processed on or around the 25th of each month and zines will ship on the 28th and 29th. Depending on where you live they will arrive 1-4 days after that in the US and 4-9 days after that for international.

Shipping is not included, but the price you see at checkout does include shipping and represents the cost you will be charged each month.

Yes! Our international shipping service lets you choose if you want to pay duties in advance or on arrival.

Yes! Though we all love those physical zines we do have digital versions of every title and a digital option for our 3 core offerings.

For launch, all titles were selected by our staff and the Plus One community. In the future Zine Club members will be able to help us select titles and give input into what you want. This will start for titles released in early 2024 and beyond.

We are firmly committed to 75% of our creators coming from diverse or marginalized backgrounds to help build a more diverse, inclusive and equitable community.

We love working with Brick & Mortar stores! We even have a Zine Club membership specifically for them to be able to sign up and get titles sent to them each month at wholesale. This is for physical stores only. Online retailers please contact Tony for purchase details.

All titles for Zine Club are seeing their first Physical Release. However, some of them have already been released digitally. In this case we have typically updated the layout, art, and content for Zine Club release. In 2024 this will shift to all titles being wholly original on launch.

Yes! Email or reach out on social media. We are always looking for great games. Even if it’s not a good fit for Zine Club we would love to talk to you about release.