Down We Go

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Down into the ground they go.
The Sneaky
The Mystical
The Holy
The Bloodthirsty
To plumb whatever items of value they can from the depths and bring it back to Infinopolis, The Infinite City.

Ever shifting, ever-changing, ever hungry for the gold, treasures, and bodies, Infinopolis is a complex machine of human parts crying out in hunger for more.
There is only one way to feed it, so...

Down We Go.

Down We Go is a minimalist OSR (Old School Renaissance) RPG by Markus Linderum that is being developed and published in print by Plus One Exp. The game's core rules fit on 1 sheet of paper, but this 72-page a5 version expands the adventures with expanded procedures, amazing dungeons, solo rules, and a central setting called Infinopolis!

Get it in 1 of three great formats: Hardcover, Softcover, or DAMAGED! Each one includes a digital copy of the game.

The damaged versions were hurt in shipping and have distressed covers and some minor exterior tears on some copies. The other ones are pristine. 

Down We Go uses familiar D20 & D6 mechanics and the core system is CC BY4.0

Down We Go

Down We Go

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