The Wassailing | Creator's Caboodle Edition

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A Game of Yuletide Horror

Serve the Claus family during a descent into yuletide bedlam. 

The Wassailing mashes together:

- The Edwardian estate drama of Downton Abbey

- The atmospheric horror of Mike Flanagan shows

- The festive antics of every Christmas movie you’ve ever seen

Quick to play with wild twists and turns, The Wassailing is a roleplaying game perfect for raucous holiday sessions.

A Harrowing New Holiday Tradition

Take on the roles of mortal servant staff to the immortal Claus family at the dawn of the 20th century … a time of upheaval across the world and, especially, on this wintery estate.

Your assembled staff will leverage its workplace skills to quell the Claus family’s troubles and —  perhaps more importantly — keep your jobs. 

These are no ordinary troubles though:

• Santa toys with a dark summoning to hasten his delivery capabilities
• His spouse operates a secret slaughterhouse, packing magical meat
• His brother rekindles an ancient war between humanity and elvendom
• His children vie for prominence, merging their legendary exploits with yuletide myth

The game escalates these scenarios — and more — based on card draws and the staff’s own tribulations and politicking. With this frosty flurry of randomized elements, the game unfolds differently each time you play.

This Version Also Includes 

Other games and items from the creators including
- A copy of Sunken & The Drowning Scriptures by Mike Martens
- A copy of Butter Princess by Brian Sago
- A copy of Die, Grave Robber, Die by Michael Van Vleet
- A Tin of Lord Claus' Secret Stache Balm from Tony Vasinda
- All of the stretch goals from campaign including the Claus Family Deck & Invitations to Claus manor.