Memory Hunters | Rae Nedjadi

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 It's the future, it's 1993
...and memory is cheap.

MEMORY HUNTER is a prequel game to BALIKBAYAN: Returning Home.  

In this focused and visceral experience, players are MEMORY HUNTERS who enter the MAZE in order to slay the MAZEBEAST.

This is an OSR-inspired TTRPG for one GM and 1-4 players. Explore intimacy and horror in a surreal setting while courting death and hubris. Become BRUTE, GHOST, REMIXER, and PRIEST.

The Maze is both digital-dream location and sentient shared consciousness, the denizens within her are dreaming and awake, alive and dead, human and machine. Memory Hunters must traverse the Maze, slaying the MazeBeast to gain access to the memories it protects.

Once the Maze dies and the memories are stolen, the Hunters return to the City and make these memory fragments their own. Can the Hunters slay enough MazeBeasts to gain the power to create their own Maze-Dimension? And will they be able to transcend their mortal flesh and hallowed husk to become digital gods?

MEMORY HUNTER features the following:

  • Incredibly light and compact rules that encourage you to make this game your own
  • An alternative 90s Cyberpunk that never was, blending mind and magic, dream and machine, in a light setting open to your lore creation
  • Four PASTS and four PROFILES to create your unique Memory Hunters, featuring abilities that are both powerful and evocative within the dream-nightmare that is the Maze
  • Three MAZES, and the hostiles, hazards, and MazeBeast that lie within. Each is based on a Cyberpunk Post-Colonial Remix of Filipino Folklore: the Bakunawa, the Manananggal, and the Mambabarang.
  • Three City Locations that offer unique experiences: Memory Seers, The Market, and Abandoned CORP Facilities.
  • The means of creating your own Maze-Dimension, and your chance at achieving transcendence (or destroying the City!)
  • Great for a single session (1-4 hours) or a short campaign series (2-6 sessions). 

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This work is based on Down We Go (, and licensed for our use under CC BY 4.0 International.

This product is not associated with Plus One Exp or Apes of Wrath.