Tunnels in White - A Liminal Horror Mystery

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Old money siphoning new money from every corner of your city. An aging mansion, quiet and worn. An old corporation shifting its gaze from development to development, always hungry, always growing.

A warehouse bearing the name Singleton Solutions, small and unassuming in one of a hundred industrial parks like any other, takes in truckload after truckload but never sends anything out. It’s the same for the people. Sometimes, they arrive in towncars, other times in shuttle vans. None come out. Ever.

What you know is something strange is going on inside that warehouse and you are determined to discover what it is. What you cannot know is where and how far the mystery may take you.

Tunnels in White is a 12-page, half-letter mystery zine of cosmic and corporate horror written by Christian Sorrell and featuring art by Roque Romero for Liminal Horror.

  • 2 fully-mapped locations to infiltrate and explore
  • 6 new Fallout options based on the mystery's unique encounters
  • 7 new NPCs and enemies
  • Hooks, Doom Clock, facilitator guidance and more
Writing/Layout: Christian Sorrell
Art: Roque Romero