Death Grind!!! Mega Structure

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The TOWER is a POST_human MEGASTRUCTURE. It was constructed by the ARCHITECTS a billion years ago, and will last for a billion more. It stretches the entire length of a roaring galactic arm. 

The TOWER is under siege by the ravenous FRACTALDEATHMACHINE, a malignant physi-digital force that is violently converting all remnants of POST_humanity into perfect and final MACHINE!!GODS.

DEATHGRIND!!MEGASTRUCTURE is hypersaturated, bright, and harsh. Yawning impossible spaces. Extreme dangerous verticality. Scale measured in light years. It is a digital-physical world. There is very little boundary between machine and flesh. It is a loud and whirling world. A violent but vibrant maelstrom of constant movement and strange evolution. Each new place is more bizarre than the last. 

If you let it, the TOWER will GRIND YOU UP.

DEATHGRIND!!MEGASTRUCTURE is a post-human, science fiction role-playing game inspired by Tsutomu Nihei's BLAME! and built on the Together We Go system. 

Play as different POST_human FORMATS as you delve the dangerous LAYERS of the TOWER megastructure and explore the factions of the CTY_enclave, the massive habitat on a crash course through the TOWER as it flees the ever-encroachingFRACTALDEATHMACHINE. 


  • 4 character backgrounds and 4 character classes tuned to the weird post-human scale of the TOWER. 
  • 4 example LAYERS to grind up characters
  • 6 strange FACTIONS
  • Rules for generating the ever-shifting CTY_enclave
  • Dangerous HOSTILES, random encounters, gear, items, and more


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This work is based on Down We Go (, and licensed for our use under CC BY 4.0 International.

This product is printed in partnership with Plus One Exp but is not associated with Apes of Wrath.