Beneath The Necropolis Adventure

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After hours of wandering through the streets and alleys of Infinopolis, you find yourself walking the cobbled paths of the Necropolis, the graveyard of the infinite city, filled with uncountable tombs. You trudge past members of the Grave Diggers Local, the
Grave Tenders Guild, and the Grave Robbers Union. As the stones underfoot get more uneven and you are about to turn back, you see shining lights through stained glass in the distance.

You’ve stumbled upon the legendary Hospice Hotel.

Beneath the Necropolis is an 8 panel pamphlet adventure for Down We Go or your favorite system by Kegan.Exe. The undead come from many places in on and around the city of Infinopolis, but can you plumb the depths and explore the secrets of what rests Beneath the Necropolis?

A 8.5x11 8-panel adventure
Digital version included

Words by Kegan.Exe
Art by Simone Tammetta & Evyln Moreau
Editing by Walt Wood
Layout by Johnny Isorena