Butt&Head by Dinoberry Press

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 is a TTRPG with three roles about adventuring as two halves of a centaur - all you need is a standard deck of 52 playing cards!

While players control different functions of their half-horse/half-person body, they’ll be venturing together as a whole majestic centaur. Players are recommended to speak “out of character” to each other about their actions and treat it as an internal monologue of the character they control. Communication and compromise between the halves is beautiful and encouraged to help surmount any perils that may lie ahead!


aka the  CLIP-CLOPS

This player is the legs, belly, and bulk of the centaur. They control movement, strength, and gusto of the shared being’s horse half. They may not be able to verbally speak with non-player characters in the world, but they can use body language to make a point and, importantly, they are perfectly able to communicate with the Chatter-Box out of character.


aka the  CHATTER-BOX

This player is the arms, torso, mouth and charm of the centaur. They embody guile, cleverness, and social interaction as the human half of the shared being. While they may not be the main source of brawn for the centaur, it’s well within their focus to be a master of speech and jazz hands. The Chatter-Box will be performing most of the communication, but they should consider discussing the direction to take things with the Clip-Clops first.


the benevolent  GAME MASTER

This role is responsible for narrating and controlling the world. While they will, at times, have to embody things opposed to the other players, they are never themselves antagonistic to them. It’s important for The Maestro to tell the story honestly and in a way that fits the tone of your game, to do what’s most interesting, and to help provide interesting opportunities to explore!

This game is 44 pages plus cover of amazing play for 2-3 players.
All you need to play is a copy of the game and deck of cards!

This game was released in partnership with Dinoberry Press and was created by Jam Munoz with support by Nevyn "Nova" Holmes, Sinta Posadas, Kevin Nguyen, Charu Patel, Liam McCrickard.

It was release as part of Zine Club Adventure membership in April of 2024 thanks to the 158 members of Zine Club.