Campfire Scouts By KeganExe & Discord

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You Can't Always Be Prepared...

Pack your bags and head down the long winding road to your home away from home for a week! Swimming, climbing, merit badges, friends, and of course... campfire stories. 

But what about the strange smoke coming from the woods, the claw-marks on the trees, the cabin that went missing last summer... I'm sure it's nothing. There must be a rational explanation for all of it. Right???

Campfire Scouts is a self contained 48 page tabletop roleplaying game where 1 GM & 1-6 players build a fantastic summer camp together. Then they explore the magical and mundane adventures that await them using the simple D20 & D6 mechanics and evocative narrative tools. 

It contains:
-5 Customizable Camper Backgrounds
-A sashful of Merit Badges to help you increase your skills
-Rules of building your own camp or
-3 Sample camps to get going right away
-Mulitple Unscenes to help with worldbuilding
-Madlibs style adventure building tools to get you tablebrewing
-Eyeboggling art by Red Rivera, Acid Lich, Robbi Burns, Elijah Vasinda & Hodag
-An audio track by Joseph Vasinda to set the mood
-A simple downtime system for daytime
-A heat system for exploring at night without attracting attention from Counselors.
-And more!

It was created by The Plus One Exp Discord Community under the guidance of KeganExe. It's based on the Together We Go system with major elements borrowed from Carved From Brindlewood games.