Fear The Taste of Blood | By Kayla Dice

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Fear the Taste of Blood is an rpg for 1 to 3 players about a monster in the night and the survivors who must face it by Kayla from Rat Wave Games. It’s a game inspired by classic movie monsters; towering aristocratic vampires, frightful werewolves, constructed creatures and invisible fiends. Throughout play you’ll record the attacks of the monster, how the survivors try to fight back and deal with the horror they are facing. You’ll draw cards, roll dice, pull cards from a deck and make a living record of the monster and the people it threatens.

As featured on i09s the Gaming Shelf 

Starring Roles

Fear the Taste of Blood is designed for three players, each of whom takes on a specific, asymmetric, role throughout play. 

One person plays the Night. 

The Night is the world of your story, a world that is more frightening and unknowable than everyone has realised until now. In play the Night will breathe life into your setting and the other characters who live there.

The Night plays cards to determine nature of scenes, judges relevancy of Damage, narrates scene settings and plays any characters other than the focused Survivor.

One person plays the Monster. 

The Monster is something strange and dangerous. The Monster seeks to attack and destroy the Survivors in the Night. They might be someone afflicted by a horrible curse that takes away control and gives them destructive ability or perhaps their origin was more unnatural to begin with. They might be an ancient power with cruel plans or a wrong to avenge. You will attack. You will kill. Until you are destroyed. For now.  

The Monster plays and defines the Monster, rolls dice to determine the Damage and Destruction and ultimately faces destruction or triumph.

One person plays the Survivors. 

The Survivors are four ordinary people who find themselves in grave danger, face to face with a monster from their worst fears. Survive if you can, hold tight what you love.

The Survivors plays four key characters, draws cards to determine the focus character of a scene, tries to gather gather the Monster’s Weakness, keep a record of the horror, and either survive or perish.

You Need:

  • A deck of playing cards sans Jokers.
  • Several six-sided dice.
  • A space to list character names.
  • A journal, of some kind.
  • Writing utensils.

Based on Beyond the Rift by Dee Pennyway

Review By Philippa Mort