Sherwood | A Game of Outlaws & Arcana

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You might have come for justice. You might have come for glory. Maybe you want revenge. Maybe you just have nowhere else to go. 

A 32-page zine. Sherwood is a game of outlaws and arcana, inspired by modern Robin Hood fantasies, the Robin of Sherwood television series, and medieval outlaw ballads and romances. Sherwood is set in a fantastical version of 13th Century England.

The game uses a short lifepath character creation, exploring where each member of the band came from before finding themselves living among the outlaws of the woods. The game uses a 2d6 resolution system adapted from Traveller, Barbaric, and Tunnel Goons.

What's in the Zine?

Sherwood | A Game of Outlaws and Arcana includes rules for character creation and magic along with a GM section with opponents and two starter adventures. Cover and interior designer Eric Swanson of Narrative Dynamics drew on Howard Pyle's original Merry Adventures of Robin Hood in creating the look of the zine and illuminating the chapter headings.

This game is by Richard Ruane of R. Rook Studios