Sunpriests and Moongods | Pearse Anderson

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Expand your world and consciousness with these 20 varied faiths 

“The Onaoskan Church is a semi-nomadic crescent of foldable churches that move in synchronicity throughout the year, following cows and the arc of the sun. The greatest, unifying religious symbol is the circle, especially the sun or the face of a baby. This circular symbolism echoes the form of the mythic Tasting Child that ate and controlled much of the known world, a feat the Onaoskans hope to one day match.”

Sunpriests & Moongods is a system-neutral reference guide to 20 different minor religions to grow and change your fantasy setting! From the riverboat denim-clad castes of Raegiots to the vantablack, yonic flutists of the Chexiwiccans, each religion is varied, dense, and contained all onto one page. Each faith comes with:

  • A thick lore paragraph
  • Example inventories from religious followers
  • Cultural details, from significant gods to art forms
  • Physical details, from garb to holy foods
  • D4 table for religious followers (in categories of urban, rural, mysterious, military), each with traits and special items.
  • Enough detail to introduce allies and conflicts, with enough gaps for players to suggest additions.

View all the available faiths in the table of contents to your right, there's a fascinating mix of affinities and godly values.

S&M isn’t over yet: there’s also

  • A 4d4 table for generating religious story hooks and problems.
  • Guides, tips, and equations for melding minor faiths.
  • 36 wayward prophets of undue influence.
  • A customizable religion you can fill in with your own traits to complete.

S&M is system-neutral, meaning it’s compatible with Old-School Essentials, Fate, Down We Go, Into the Odd, Black Hack + White Hack, Mörk Borg, Pathfinder, 5e, and more!

If you want to quickly populate a temple, holy cavern, or pilgrim camp, this zine will guide you towards brilliant faiths and inspire some of your own creations.

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