The Bog Pamphlet Adventure

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A day and a night down the Great Brinebrook River...

…at a bend where the shore seems to finally give up, and the river spills over into a wide, shallow swamp. Deep enough to drown a man, but not so deep that anything besides small skiffs can navigate. Tucked away within this swamp are many secrets, including a small dock with a pale green light that glows beneath the thick canopy’s perpetual dimness. Its light plays menacingly on a rictus of an opening that gapes just wide enough to let you into ... the Bog Pit.

The Bog Pit is a stand alone adventure for Down We Go or your favorite fantasy setting with art by Skullfungus written by Jeremy Gage and Markus Linderum. Explore the weird shanty shack on the edge of the swamp before delving into the heart of the fetid floodplain. 

This adventure is a full sized gate fold pamphlet making it perfect as a mini gm screen with player facing information one side and GM secrets on the other.