The Family Order by Meghan Cross

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How will it change us?

Together, create a family of magic users and play out their history over the course of 3 generations and 300 years. Choose family roles, establish rules, and draw cards to play out the events of each generation before moving 100 years into the future to do it again - each time asking the questions How has the world changed? How has the magic changed? and How has the family changed? 

Tell the story of your family adapting as time goes on and explore whether or not the magic draws them closer together or drives them apart. And then, as the third generation comes to an end, determine what your family’s future will be. It is up for you to decide what will become of them and the power they possess.

The Family Order is a GMless, Tarot based game for 3-6 people by Meghan Cross

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This game was published as part of Zine Club in January of 2024.