There is a Goblin on the Loose in Icarus Station

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6 hours ago: Emergency systems were initialized on Icarus Station, a small monitoring facility in low solar orbit
5 hours ago: Icarus crew reported multiple deaths and “one GOBLIN with a knife.”
4 hours ago: All communications went dark.
3 hours ago: You were hired to clear the station of threats and recover any living crew.
2 hours ago: You learned goblins are real.
1 hour ago: You and your team arrived in local space near Icarus Station on docking approach.
NOW: The airlock is opening. TIME TO GO.

THERE IS A GOBLIN ON THE LOOSE IN ICARUS STATION is a goofy and fantastical creature horror pamphlet adventure for MOTHERSHIP sci-fi horror RPG - 1e.

ICARUS STATION sees players boarding a solar monitoring station on a mission to rescue any living crew and deal with strange reports of a deadly entity onboard: a goblin with a knife!

Purchase includes standard and printer-friendly PDFs, a plaintext version, and standalone maps for players and warden use. 

Goblin Art: Evlyn Moreau
Inspiration: Sean McCoy
The Rest: Christian Sorrell