Through The Void Ashcan Edition | Tony Vasinda

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After the Solar Wars almost nothing was left....

Empires demolished, cultures destroyed, the Legion scattered across the void as a shadow of it's former self. All that remains is the 3TR-N5 station, Eternus.

Looming in the middle of the space, an impossible structure built of rings within rings, constantly shifting, whirring, and changing. Surrounded by the inky blackness of space and the vast ruins from generations of a war that slowly whimpered out. For decades now Eternus has survived on the salvage of bygone eras, small outlying colonies, and asteroid mines along with the sweat, toil, and blood of Drifters, those desperate few willing to leave the safety of the rings and go... Through the Void.

Through The Void is a minimalist Old School inspired RPG for 1-7 players by Tony Vasinda and the Plus One Team. The core rules of the game fit on 1 sheet of paper. Explore abandoned asteroid mines, hulking relics of the solar wars, and lunar labs. Through The Void provides the characters sheets, rules, and procedures you need to build thrilling space adventures and all you need are pencils, dice, and a few hours with your friends. 

This Ashcan version is a fully playable 32 page beta version of the game with soft touch cover. The full version of the game will be crowdfunding in Spring of 2023.

Written by Tony Vasinda
Edited by Jarrett Crader
Art by Alex Mitchell & Rodger Thorm
Layout by Johnny Isorena