Tinoli Me Tangere! By Pamela Punzalan

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Lucrezia Banaag y Barrion is a radiant flower of womanhood, perfect in absolutely all aspects. 

The only child of Senor Bienvenido Banaag and the apple of her father’s eye, she manages Bienvenido’s affairs with deft, steely hands wrapped within silk gloves, and an indomitable will beneath soft words and bright eyes.

She is also wealthy, landed, and gracious to her friends. Her favor could make or break your career or ambitions, could uplift you and your own to great heights. All you have to do is fight for the right part of the chicken in her tinolang manok.


A game about social climbing for tinolang manok in the 1800s.
It's a little different from FIREBRANDS, the game that this is a hack of. The objective is to creative a hilarious, bombastic period piece about a bunch of scrappy, ambitious social climbers fighting over who gets to sit at the table of a woman with means, and the people - some kind-hearted, others snobbish - who seek to block them. Lean into the telenovena vibes, with its melodrama and its sheer over-the-topness. Squabble. bicker, simper, upstage each other, hate each other as passionately as you love each other. You want that chicken breast, and by hook or by crook, you intend to get it.

Requires 5-6 players, and a way to track tokens if you can't use them at the moment.
Props optional: teleserye level drama advised.

This remastered version of Tinoli features new layout and graphic design from all Filipino creators brought together by Plus One creative director Johnny Isorena.

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It was published in February 2024 as Part of Zine Club.