Together We Go | Fall Bundle

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Three amazing games. One Streamlined System. Together We Go!

Our house Together We Go system saw tons of amazing hacks and 3rd party releases this summer. So we worked with a few creators to print theirs! This bundle includes 3 new games & an adventure pamphlet all using our rules-light narrative forward old school inspired framework. Easy to pick up and learn, deeply expansive and flexible narratives, and tactical old school flavor.

 | Josh Hittie
Yawning impossible spaces. Extreme dangerous verticality. Scale measured in light years. It is a digital-physical world. There is very little boundary between machine and flesh. It is a loud and whirling world. A violent but vibrant maelstrom of constant movement and strange evolution. Inspired by Tsutomu Nihei's BLAME! 

Memory Hunters | Rae Nedjadi
A focused and visceral experience, players are MEMORY HUNTERS who enter the MAZE in order to slay the MAZEBEAST. This is an OSR-inspired TTRPG for one GM and 1-4 players. Explore intimacy and horror in a surreal setting while courting death and hubris. 

Through The Void Ashcan | Tony Vasinda
A minimalist Old School inspired RPG for 1-7 players. Explore abandoned asteroid mines, hulking relics of the solar wars, and lunar labs. Through The Void provides the characters sheets, rules, and procedures you need to build thrilling space adventures. Ashcans are beta versions. The expanded full version of TTV will be funding in April 2023.

Orias: The Factory | Stella Condrey
The Factory is a Made for the Void pamphlet game to be used with Through the Void or your favorite space RPG. A hidden away astroid infected by something evil, ready to fight back against the void it's self. With art by Thomas Novosel