CARZ by Adira Slattery

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Welcome to Earth, the Junk Capital of the Universe. You’re probably wondering what happened to the Humans yeah? Goddamn Aliens showed up, the Humans blew themselves up as a final fuck you, and then the Aliens set up a blockade around the solar system to contain whatever was left. Much good that did Humanity, as they are a relic of the past just like all those burned out cities and cracked roads. Mutantkind rules the roost now—an amalgam of Humans, Aliens, and who knows what else from across the unknown stars with just the right spice of radioactive fallout mixed in. The planet is mostly just left alone now. But every once and a while those Aliens stop by the old brown marble to dump their fucking garbage here, and we get the dangerous shit like unexploded bombs and political dissidents. Earth is now the universe’s combo junkyard and prison colony. And us Mutants speed around the blasted landscape on CARZ, souped up junkers made of hybrid Alien garbage and old Human tech. Listen to them purr! Smell the exhaust! Feel the wind! Gotta cherish your life while you still have it, y’know?

CARZ is a 48 page digest size zine by Adira Slattery with layout by Maria Mison!

You can preorder it right now and get a cool fucking sticker with it? 

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