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It's a high octane double feature!

CARZ by Adira Slattery 
A 48 page zine where Earth is now the universe’s combo junkyard and prison colony. And us Mutants speed around the blasted landscape on CARZ, souped up junkers made of hybrid Alien garbage and old Human tech. Listen to them purr! Smell the exhaust! Feel the wind! Gotta cherish your life while you still have it, y’know?

Renegade Racers by Kegan.Exe
Renegade Racers is a rules-lite tabletop roleplaying game designed for 2-6 players about going fast, and... saving the world? Inspired by The Fast & The Furious, players take on the roles of Renegades, on the run from the law, but here to protect their Family, and the world at large. 20 pages of pulse-pounding action!

Put the pedal to the metal and preorder this double feature of fast and furious roleplaying action and get TWO free stickers in addition to both zines in print and digital!

Preorders ship in early October!