Grandmothership By Armanda Haller

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A TTRPG for 2-4 players and 1 GM about space, horror, and senior ladies piecing together a mystery. Get in trouble, crochet a new scarf, go ballroom dancing, and find solutions where everyone else has failed—a game designed to be played as one-shot sessions made a reality through Crowdfundr for Zine Month 23. 

GRANDMOTHERSHIP is inspired by Honey Heist, Brindlewood Bay, and Mothership, taking some tools and vibes from all those games. I have nothing to do with those games and designers. 

What are GRANDMOTHERSHIP’s features? 

  • 32 pages-zine
  • Retro-futuristic vibes 
  • 2-stat system -GRANDMOTHER and MOTHERSHIP
  • d6 based system
  • 4 classes and 4 loadouts inspired by what Senior Ladies like to do
  • A clue-gathering and hypothesis-corroborating mechanic
  • Tips for GMs and various tables to generate a session in 5 minutes: Objectives, Conditions, NPCs, Enemies, Clues, Items, Locations
  • A fast-passed mapping system based on die rolls and tables
  • A game in which violent encounters are not central to gameplay
  • A helpful and staggering conditions table written by Andy from Pandion Games
  • 3 pre-designed adventures written by the amazing Amanda P,  Kyle Tam and Dana Pena
  • Astonishing layout by Jean Verne
  • Detailed and caring editing by Hipólita
  • Compelling art cover by Ewerton Lua
  • Art pieces by Lucas Rolim
  • Marvellous and useful character sheet designed by Sin Posadas