LONGSWORD by Viditya Voleti & Sam Tung

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Swear your oath and draw your weapon!

You have trained countless hours, faced the Queen’s Trials, and swore the Oath under the eyes of your God, The Radiance.

You are a Knight of the Queen’s Court, of the Kingdom, and of the People.

LONGSWORD is a game of questing knights slaying monsters and protecting their kingdom in line with classic Arthurian and Mahabharatan tales. Embody a Knight and embark on quests where your Virtues will be tested, you'll come face to face with terrifying beasts, Old Gods, and dark magic. Find magical weapons blessed by greater beings, make allies within your knightly court, and fulfill your destiny of becoming a Legendary Knight.

LONGSWORD uses a simple d100 system with clever mechanics that make every roll push the story in dramatic directions. Rolling up a Knight is quick and fun, granting you a Knightly Title, a Background life before you swore the Oath, and a Weapon style you thrive in.

LONGSWORD asks you to put yourself in danger in order to have your knightly Virtues tested.

1 GM & 1-6 Players
A few percentile or D100 Dice

Game By Viditya Voleti.
Art & Adventure by Sam Tung.
Layout by Johnny Isorena.

For more tools or resource visit TTRPG.link/LONGSWORD

This game was released in as the Adventure Zine for RPG Zine Club in March 2024