Candleberry Jam By Glass//Cutter

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An Island Refuge With Hidden Mysteries.

Do you feel that? 

The wind is picking up, and there is something different in the air. Beneath the familiar taste of salt, there's a fresh hint of spice and sweetness. The stress of
the journey slips from your shoulders as your quaint vessel navigates the last few rock formations. You tie up at the ramshackle dock and ascend the rope ladder to the shepherd's pasture above.

You've heard of this place-Huzal.

Candleberry Jam is a system neutral adventure with amazing visuals by Robbi Burns and endearing writing by Kelsey Jirikils. The perfect place for exploration and a bit of intrigue between adventures. Int it's 36 pages it includes:

  • A compelling cast of NPCs.
  • Maps of Huzal in the past & today.
  • Multiple plotlines & relationships to explore.
  • Resources to explore (or exploit)
  • A central mystery from far in the past.
  • Outsiders who threaten it all.

This zine can be used with just about any game system. You can drop this story into a campaign you already have going, or play it as its own one-shot. The party can have fun exploring the storied island of Huzal and the complicated people who live there, and
decide where they want to get involved or who they want to help.

Try it with OSR systems like Down We Go or story forward systems like Monster of the Week. 


The author is part of a campaign to save Philadelphia's Chinatown from predatory development by the billionaire owners of the 76ers. You can learn more about this campaign through the QR code.

Sports arenas destroy neighborhoods-we've already seen it happen in St. Louis & D.C. We can't allow it to happen again. 

During a bout of COVID, the author combined the feelings and frustrations of her work with the Jewish folklore she grew up learning. The goal of this supplement is to present players with themes of predatory development, unjust healthcare systems, and community preservation that they can explore in a safe & cozy setting.

These things are hard, take breaks as needed. 

This game was brought to life in April 2024 with the support of the members of the RPGZine.Club.