HellWhalers By Brewist Games

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From hell's heart I stab at thee;
for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee.

HELLWHALERS is an original TTRPG of both nautical and Christian-religious horror. Play as damned whalers, sailing hell's oceans to hunt a monstrous leviathan whale in a bid for redemption of your immortal souls. 

Whalers will earn souls through roleplay, challenges, and gambling, eventually collecting enough to pulse the Hellwhale's disembodied heart, a blackened, grisly organ kept locked away by the captain. To pulse the heart is to summon the monster you seek: the dreaded Hellwhale. Slaying this titan of Hell's waters is said to earn you a place back in God's graces.

Suitable for 2-5 players and one Guide, who plays the captain, a foul tempered figure driving the whalers ever onward in a maddened quest for the whale's flesh and blood.

Gambling plays a central role in the gameplay loop, creating a procedurally generated series of events each day. Gambling takes place on  a Sic-Bo board, a game played with three six-sided dice.

Collect lore, gamble with souls, fish hellish creatures from the depths, and fight a demon whale.


  • 56 pages, dripping with carefully crafted lore, tables, rules, and art.
  • A multitude of gorgeous linocut and digital prints within the book’s pages, by Albert Johnson, Lepish Susano,  and Charles Torok.
  • A stylized and decorated sic-bo board, with art by Kaye Mahoney, used for the gambling metagame the whalers play.
  • Tables and charts of hellish locales, curses and blessings, flavorful items, and more.
  • Digital assets and tips for playing online using virtual tabletops.
  • 54 pieces of collectible lore making up nine storylines, as well as seven possible endings.
  • Procedurally generated events, challenges, and twists that come from the gambling results.
  • Six base playbooks with thematic moods, moves, and items.
  • Resource tracking in the form of weaponry, food, and repair supplies.
  • A fishing minigame, with six varieties of ghastly sea life to catch.
  • Beautiful character sheets that include info for the ship, with a variety of picklists and customization options.
  • A bevy of old religious and maritime public domain art, edited to fit the style and layout of the book.
  • Rules for side characters, including a captain’s playbook for the Guide.
  • Content warnings and safety tools for the variety of heavy subject matter present in the game.
  • Climactic rules for the Hellwhale encounter designed to ratchet up tension and provide a fitting end to the journey