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Sing your heart out!

Jukebox: The Karaoke Musical Tabletop Roleplaying Game is a rules-lite, no game-master, no preparation roleplaying game for 3 to 4 players. Over three acts and three to four hours, you and your friends sing karaoke and create a musical story full of drama, passion, and spectacular showstoppers! All you need to play are pencils, index cards, playing cards and a computer or TV connected to the internet. 

Jukebox is a pick for one of Dicebreaker's 14 roleplaying games you should play this year!

Jukebox Features:

  • GM-less with no lengthy preparation to host.
  • Everything you need to play can be found at home: index cards, pencils, playing cards, and a computer or TV with an internet connection.
  • A beautifully Broadway inspired zine with gorgeous cover art and interior illustrations by Chiara Adele Papalia.
  • Create a playbill keepsake during play with your cast and musical numbers
  • 4 quickstart playsets that provide plot, karaoke playlist, and character prompts to help jump into genre specific stories, such as Disney fairytales or sword and sorcery inspired by power metal.
  • 12 contributor quickstart playsets from new and veteran voices in the TTRPG space.
  • Professional editing and consultation by award winning designers: Jacky Leung (Modiphius Entertainment, Paizo, Evil Hat Productions, MCDM Productions) and Jenn Martin (Bully Pulpit Games, Hunters Entertainment, Simon & Schuster, Thorny Games)

The 12 contributor playsets include:

  • Fabula Ex Fata A folk, acoustic Greek tragedy playset by Basil Wright
  • Light Up the Sky A Bollywood, indie rock teen comedy playset by Charu Chandni Patel
  • Lost in Paradise A reggae, alternative, island mystery playset by Brooke Whitney
  • Romance of the Street Kingdoms A Wu-Tang Clan Wǔxiá playset by James Mendez Hodes
  • Friends… FOREVER? A pop-punk, emo campy horror playset by Danny Quach
  • One Last Job A pop, indie heist playset by Devan Wardrop-Saxton
  • Punk Not Dead  A punk zombie playset by Armanda
  • Hearts Take Flight A Motown, funk, R&B teen superhero playset by Jeremy Harper
  • Swamp Goblins A country, blues, backwater monsters fight eco-terrorism playset by Aaron King
  • Spirit and Proof A 1920's jazz, showtunes, hip hop speakeasy murder mystery playset by C. J. Linton 
  • Stop (In The Name of Love) A soul music, love song hallmark movie playset by Erin Roberts
  • Revenge Is Best Served Sung A breakup bangers, protest songs, and tragic musicals revenge playset by Ezakur

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