Project Terminus Solo RPG

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On February 14, 2021, Transfiguration Sunday, The Gate was activated, and Project Terminus changed the world. The horrors that unfolded in the wake of Project Terminus could have never been anticipated, and by the time we realized the damage it was far too late. Once The Gate was opened there was no closing it. In an instant you were pulled through The Gate only to find yourself flung, not on a newly terraformed Mars, but somewhere or sometime else entirely. Alone and stranded on this now unrecognizable Earth, with nothing to offer you protection but your flight suit, you struggle to survive its unstable landscape riddled with anomalies that have left both creature and terrain hostile and terrifying. In the ruins of a forgotten world you work to repair The Gate at ground zero of the event, and attempt to make contact with mission control, or any other survivors, with modified comms equipment in an old broadcast station turned basecamp.

As the lone survivor of your crew, you are haunted by questions surrounding your ability to survive in this world stricken with inexplicable anomalies and environmental distortions. Will you be able to repair The Gate without succumbing to the effects of total isolation, exposure to anomalies, and that gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach that you may never make it home?

Project Terminus is a solo-roleplaying game by Paradox Press. Each play through of Project Terminus becomes a diverging path across space-time that will leave your character struggling to maintain grip on their sanity in a world riddled with inexplicable anomalies and environmental distortions. While Project Terminus is a game designed for solo-roleplaying, its story becomes increasingly tangled with each new play through and thus can be understood as an “Alone Together” game. Your experience of this game expands the narrative by inhabiting an alternate timeline in the events wrought by the activation of Project Terminus. 

The concept of alternate timelines in Project Terminus is not only a narrative device, but also an invitation to participate in expanding the narrative and universe of Project Terminus with others in a real, tangible way. While there are no requirements to release any of your stories to the rest of the world, it is highly encouraged. In doing so your play through becomes something bigger than a solo-experience by deepening the story and inviting others into participating in expanding this universe.  As more players experience the game and share their recordings, the more expansive the narrative and multiverse becomes. 


  • Physical game is 36 pages in a5 format w/saddlestitch binding. 
  • Digital and print friendly digital copies.
  • Digital Character sheets & play aids.  

Play requires a deck of cards.