The Corrupted | Navaar Jackson

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A game for one GM, and 2-4 players, The Corrupted is designed to tell an intimate story of survivors trying to figure it all out. Systems like, stress, conflict and the new "compromised" condition all lean into gameplay that will drive compelling stories at your table. The book includes the full gameplay rules in a neat and concise layout, as well as options to download only a player version (and not spoil anything the GM might throw at you!). The section for GM's includes how to prep the game, how to set up and run encounters, varieties on creature types, and sample factions for them to use. 

This game is a labor of love, and so this version is not this game's final form! Post-launch, I will be working on expanding the lore of the world, introducing and expanding on factions, and introducing and expanding on existing creature types. The game will also hopefully get some aesthetic upgrades as well, with the first target being a new cover!